Rassasy by Barcelos Legend

Every evening has a story to narrate and a memory to share. Rassasy by Barcelos is a gastropub, serving handcrafted cocktails to European and American delicacies. Satiating every palette and pleasing every patron with its royal interiors we are all about making moments. Carving a niche with our mouthwatering specialities we believe in serving multicuisine gourmet. Live high and imbibe the spirit of life with us.

Rassasy by Barcelos is a concept that is inspired by European and American retro time. The targeted clientele will be between 25+ to 45 years of age segment.

Enjoying delicacies with mouthwatering beverages work all in tandem for making a perfect evening of yours. While you savour on the bites the drinks offer you a picture of perfection. So, uplifting every mood and cherishing every moment Rassasy by Barcelos gives you every chance for making the most out of one evening. Catering to several occasions the brand has always believed in giving the best. So, if you are thinking of having a blast then go nowhere and Rassasy by Barcelos is the perfect destination for you. Say cheers to the spirit of good life and good food with Rassasy by Barcelos.

Rassasy by Barcelos Legend
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